Our Features

24 / 7 Protection

Our predictive maintenance system protects your appliances 24/7. We combine the onsite sensors, AI engine and mobile app to help you minimize the maintenance works for your appliances.

Monitoring Sensors

We will provide you sensors, consultation, installation and configuration. The sensors will be connected to ur IoT network and our AI Engine

AI Engine

Our AI engine will learn about your equipment. Any signal coming from the sensors will be examined. If any abnormality is detected, an alert will be sent to the client's mobile app. A solution will be provided.

Alert & Solution

Our mobile app will notify you with any alert. Moreover, our system will match the nearest qualified & recommended specialist with the type of problem.

Auto Schedular

Just one click from the specialist, our system will automatically schedule for you. No need to make thousands of phone calls.


Don't wait until any equipment break down! By analyzing everyday data, our Predictive AI engine will send you report for any equipment showing sign of maintenance needs.


Our mobile app also provide you the historical data to comply your business regulation.