What We Do

Goda provides IoT sensors to monitor your appliances 24/7. Once the sensor predicts and determines it is the critical problem for maintenance, AI will automatically search for a specialist, like a qualified equipment repair technician nearby to provide repairing services. You can dialogue with specialist immediately and schedule the arrival time for servicing if needed. You can contact us for more detail on the products and services.

Mobile Application

Our client can download the mobile app. It will connect to our server for features including:
* Alert Notification
* Sensors Management
* Service Provider Lookup and Contact
* Real Time Monitoring & Reporting
* Historical Data Download

Typical Scenario

  1. When a problem is detected by the IoT sensors and analyzed by the AI Engine, an alert will be sent to client’s mobile application. A solution will be provided and a technician will be recommended for you to contact with.

2. Regular day monitoring, and requesting a technician come over for a regular check up.

3. View and Download the historical data for selected machines with selected date range.